Role & Subject: Chromium-based browser for market research

Responsibilities: Android-App development

Benefit: This custom browser records browsing behaviour by creating screenshot on events like scrolling, URL-change, etc.

Tools: Android Studio, Git, SQLite, Chromium

Role & Subject: Assistant app for car dealerships to capture car photos from fixed perspectives

Responsibilities: Android-App development

Benefit: The companies have continuous support for their application

Tools: Android Studio, Git, SQLite, Camera2

Role and Subject: Leaflet map developer for a train map platform

Responsibilities: Development of a platform inclusive CMS for displaying interactive train networks in the browser

Benefit: The company can edit their train network and display it to their customers

Tools and Technology: Leaflet, TileMill, JQuery, HTML, PHP, Javascript, SQL

Subject: Encoding Software for Access Control Cards

Responsibilities: Development of a software system to encode different types of contactless chipcards like LEGIC, MIFARE, DESFire and HITAG. The software is able to communicate with printers and production machines for the automated encoding of large numbers of cards.

Benefit: The company is able to use the software system and modules for the daily production of chipcards containing different technologies as well as to sell it to customers, who want to encode their card in-house.

Tools and Techologies: Visual-C++, C#, .NET, STL, MFC, RFID- technology, Cryptography

Subject: Ultrasound Imaging for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

Responsibilities: Mechatronical systems software, that determines and verifies the calibration matrix of ultrasound probes, which is used to transform the coordinates of registered points within the ultrasound image to the 3D-coordinates of the tracking system. The work is done to conform to European (TÜV,CE) and American (FDA) quality regulations.

Benefit: The company is able to use the ultrasound probe for their computer assisted surgery system. The company can prove the validity of the Calibration Matrix, because the software is validated in terms of FDA regulations.

Tools and Techology: Visual C++ 2003, MFC, CVS, Ultrasound Image Processing, Control of Step Motors

Subject: Application to change the style of automotive navigation maps.

Responsibilities: Application, to adapt the style, i.e. colour and size of streets, polygons and icons, of an automotive navigation map. The program lists all styles and allows style adaptions. Dialogs enable an easy change of styles. The display of a map gives direct feedback of the results on the map.

Benefit: The program enables OEM customers and employees to alter the style of the maps in an easy-to-use way.

Tools and Techology: VisualC++, MFC, Navigon libraries, ClearCase

Subject: 6D workpiece pose estimation on a tool machine.

Responsibilities: Transformation of scientific knowledge into a prototype application. Workpiece pose estimation for 6 degrees of freedom with one camera, based on the knowledge of the CAD workpiece model. The edge points are detected and their projection rays are registered with the CAD model to retrieve the position in space.

Benefit: Enabled a PhD student to investigate new techniques in autonomous production, by implementing latest scientific publications.

Tools and Techology: VisualC++, MFC, OpenGL, OpenCV, 3DStudioMax