Autarkie Manager

Visualisiere die Energieflüsse deines E3DC Hauskraftwerks, deiner Tesla Powerwall oder OpenWB Installation.

Technologies: Android Studio, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin


Often, an emotion is the first information we get about a difficult situation. With Tribal-E you can identify what you feel and reflect about what lies behind an emotion to understand the situation better.

Technologies: Firebase, Flutter, Dart, Android Studio Play Store


Using the intelligent WeSense charger and app you can now use your smartphone as a power quality measurement device - measure at every outlet. WeSense features: • Basic power quality analyzer on your smartphone • Lean and efficient tool focusing on the most common disturbances in today's low voltage grids: live view of voltage, grid frequency, short voltage deviations and the most important harmonics

Technologies: Android Java SDK, Infragistics Charts, Android Open Accessory Play Store

Roemerstrasse e.V.

The Neckar-Alb-Aare Roman Route connects the most important places in the former Roman province of Germania superior. Every element of this varied countryside, from the heights of the Swabian Albs and their many castles to the dramatic Neckar river and the quaint valleys of the High Rhine and the Aar river, will captivate any visitor with an interest in Roman history and sophisticated culture.

Technologies: Android Java SDK, Location, MySQL Play Store


Assistierte Fahrzeugbildererstellung fuer den KFZ-Handel. Ein Klick. Upload. Gespeichert. Und zwar auf Ihrem Server, nicht irgendwo in der Cloud. Flexibel für mehrere Mitarbeiter, Standorte oder Marken. Qualität durch Standards Immer die gleiche Anzahl an Bildern. Immer die gleiche Reihenfolge. Immer der gleiche Winkel. Garantierte und verlässliche Qualität der Bilder.

Technologies: Android Java SDK, Camera2, FTP, Blender