The mission of Localliser is to enable people to discover what places have to offer by browsing data by location.

Currently, Localliser displays information from the following data streams: Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp, Gruvr, Panoramio and New data sources will be integrated, soon. Localliser uses Google Earth, as this is the most advanced digital map available, which also offers 3D-functionality.

Using Localliser is easy. Once you have installed the Google Earth Plugin, you are ready to go. A placemark list is generated and icons appear as you navigate inside the map. Details about a place are displayed by clicking on a list entry or an icon inside the map. Toggle the kind of placemarks you want to see, or type in the location you want to go to. Where it is available, you can dive into the streets of the placemark with Street View.

Explore what is around you, live!


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