Install program on Ubuntu via Zip file

Start local PHP server

Open a terminal, change to directory with source and type php -S localhost:8000.

Connect ADB over Wifi on Ubuntu

Connect the device per USB. Write adb tcpip 5555 into a terminal. Find out the IP address of the device within the Wifi network. Type adb connect [IP-address]:5555 into a terminal.

Add public GPG key for apt-get

gpg --keyserver --recv E084DAB9
gpg --export --armor E084DAB9 | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update

PHPMyAdmin Alternative

Download adminer.php from and copy into your webspace.

Icon Collections

Save Git credentials in console

git config credential.helper store

Write file paths into file recursively

find . -type f > listOfFiles.list

Other Linux commands

setterm --inversescreen on/off

Java String Format

String str1 = String.format("%d", 101);
String str2 = String.format("|%10d|", 101); // Specifying length of integer
String str3 = String.format("|%-10d|", 101); // Left-justifying within the specified width
String str4 = String.format("|% d|", 101);
String str5 = String.format("|%010d|", 101); // Filling with zeroes